Saturday 21 August 2010

Indian Head Massage

Today I learned how to do Indian Head Massage at I was lucky to spot this one day course when looking online for local indoor activities for a young friend. It was a very intensive one day course. I have picked up some massage techniques over the years in the Victor Foundation workshops but I have never thought of taking it further. This was a good opportunity. It is very therapeutic, both being the giver and being the receiver of a massage.

The massage is divided into four areas:
1. Massage to the upper back, shoulders and arms
2. Massage of the neck
3. Massage to the scalp
4. Massage of the face

Today there were 7 of us and we had two teachers. Each section was demonstrated first. Then we were talked through the massage techniques while we had our first go, then we did it again by ourselves under observation. After that we changed places with our partners so that we would have the opportunity to be massaged and feel what the massage felt like and we’d have both done the massage twice. This also gave more opportunities to asked questions. We finished up the day with a complete run through of the full Indian head massage. I forgot to time myself. I think this took between 20 to 30 minutes. We can also do a 10 minute treatment, which I’m sure would be lovely too.

Unfortunately, although this was a very thorough course it was not a certificated course so I can only massage friends and family. I know my family in particular will benefit from and enjoy this treatment. It has also been suggested that I can offer this treatment in exchange for other services. I can already think of some friends who I’d like to say thank you for your help.

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