Wednesday 2 December 2009

A New Experience

On Saturday I went to a yoga workshop in Cheriton near Folkestone which is run by The Victor Foundation. We were treated to a lesson in the morning session by Sivakumar Gurukkal who had come over from India with his wife. We spent time warming up the body, then worked through a series of movements which made us focus on our breathing. The Asanas (yoga postures) were then practiced over and over and this repetition helped the mind to be totally focused. We all finished the lesson feeling wonderful.

This lesson reminded us that yoga is not just a form of exercise. It is a way to achieve an inner peace, an inner quiet. This is done through learning to be in control of our body and our breath.

In the afternoon session we learned some of the eye exercises that have to be mastered for classical Indian dance. Exercising the eyes can help prevent headaches and migraines. We also worked our hands into Mudras which are hand gestures and are not only used in dance but also in certain yoga postures and meditation to help bring an awareness to certain parts of the body and breath.

This weekend they are putting on a very special - one off - performance of Kalaripayattu and Mahoniyattam on Saturday 5 December (see attachment). £5 donation only. Stephen will also be performing with the Gurukkal.

St Andrews Hall ,Cheriton, Folkestone

Please stay after the performance as we will be holding a raffle and serving light refreshments at a small charge - the proceeds of which will go to the CVN Kalari Hospital for the purchase of a Tuk Tuk. The Gurukkal treats underprivileged patients at the hospital and a Tuk Tuk would enable them to be fetched and carried.

This is an amazing opportunity.
If you can not get there use the amazing power of the Internet and google the titles listed below to watch the classical Indian dance and hear the hypnotic music on youtube videos:
the dance of the enchantress trailer
the dance of the enchantress 4
the dance of the enchantress 6