Thursday 9 April 2009

Weekend with Fens

Last weekend we went to Cambridgeshire and Ely. The weather was gorgeous and we took some photos which John has made into a slide show for your enjoyment. For more details of the weekend go to his blog, but to see the photos just press play below.

Tuesday 7 April 2009

The Vitality Show

Last Friday my friend and I met up at London’s Earls Court 2 and we went to the Vitality Show. I recommend it for a fun girls day out. We enjoyed our mini massages and watching a cooking demo with Philidelphia but sitting at an angle where we could only see the chef, Ed Baines (who luckily was quite cute) and we couldn’t see the food at all.

We both did a class in Face Yoga Training where we learned a 15 minute face training routine to help remove toxins, and stimulate the blood and elasticity of the face, keeping it younger looking. I have bought the CD by Danielle Collins and each day I take some time to sit and follow her instructions. I hold a lot of tension in my face and ears. I would recommend for those who are like me, as each time I massage the skin, I have a little less pain and feel a little calmer.

We also took to opportunity to join a 40 minute Kundalini yoga class with Siri Datta. It was so good to try something new. There were similarities to the Yoga we know and love, but the techniques were quite different. Our teacher talked about chakras and showed us how to take our hands into Mudras to help focus and the breath. We performed small controlled repetitive movements while controlling our breath.

Below are instructions to draw awareness to yourself after completing a pose or even after a job or a stressful moment.

You may be either standing tall in Tadasana (the mountain pose), or in Virasana stretch forward (child pose), or sitting comfortably, your spine long. Close your eyes, and with the eyelids drawn down look up past your eyebrows to the third eye. From the pelvic floor lift everything up internally, then hold your breath. Feel calm and don't strain. Some of you may like to count as you look up to your third eye. Then relax and breathe and just be. Enjoy this quiet time.

This is simple and effective. Anyone can do it. It is helpful for all of us to learn to lift the pelvic floor to prevent bladder problems, especially after pregnancy and in later life for both men and women. My students said afterwards how much they liked this. It is incredibly centring. After the lesson, at the Vitality show, despite all the noise, I just felt incredibly calm.

It just goes to show that there is always something new to learn and new experiences to be had.

Google Vitality Show for more information about this and next years show.