Thursday 25 February 2010

Facing the ups and downs of life

When I wrote my blog in January I thought it would be great to ask have a photo of John standing in Tadasana for everyone to see. Things don’t always work out the way you hope and John has been quite poorly. Dancing, trips to the cinema, and even walks have been curtailed. I have to let my ego rest, while he rests. Feeling weak he is happy to relax but I have had to work at adapting to a quieter life style. For this I have began to use meditation to help me. I am so pleased that I practice yoga because I have found that yoga poses and calming breathing exercises help reduce some of my nervous energy. I have researched some postures that can help John ease his comfort and get more sleep because I believe the yoga poses can be like medicine and be quite beneficial. As I teach ‘yoga is learning about your body’.

So in my meditations I have been able to question my actions, my emotions, how I feel honestly about John’s health and the effect on our lives. I use the meditations to help me relax and be content with the here and now.

I have to say that I have been watching the highlights of the Vancouver Winter Olympics and loving it. These are amazing, fit and focussed athletes who are all just seconds away from each other to be the best. As well as the sport I love the occasional shots of the scenery and the sound of the skis and skates on ice.

I have taken this time to knit rectangles and fish for my friend Alison’s newest knitting project: ‘Above and Below the Waves’. Next month she will start on her project to construct a massive wooden structure on which she will attach knitted rectangles, fish and sea-life, etc
Alison writes: "We are planning to construct a tunnel that will make it possible to walk under the sea, while above there will be rocks, a lighthouse, boats, beach etc.”.
When her creation is complete it will then tour the country and the world raising money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Alison’s recent creations were a giant knitted Christmas Tree and the Gingerbread House.

If you are feeling stressed and life isn’t going the way you plan it is always an idea to try something different. I can only hope that my bit of knitting will help Alison achieve her goal of raising money to train a crewman for a year the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
…Anyway without the downs in life we wouldn’t appreciate the ups.